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Medical Process Management & Digital Health

qhit is a Swiss consulting company in healthcare. Our international department supports hospitals worldwide to implement their organizational and digital health projects. Furthermore we run hospital management and providing management consulting worldwide.

qhit is analysing and optimizing clinical workflows and a enabler of optimal sofware concepts in international hospitals. We also offer health-IT companies support to their product managers wordwide and their business development managers – especially in Switzerland and Germany.

If you need an electronic healthcare record (EHR) for developing or upcoming countries do not hesitate to ask us about our international development assistance.

More details
Guido Burkhardt, CEO of qhit healthcare consulting Basel, is also managing Director of the Swiss Innovation club ’swissig‘ in St. Gallen/Switzerland and member of the exclusive SWISS HEALTHCARE PERFORMANCE GROUP in Zurich. As a business consultant, he is recommendet by the german ENTSCHEIDERFABRIK, a club of german hospital managers/CEOs. He is also founder of the Swiss hospitals CIOs club ‚healthcare responsible circle‘ and the international CIOs club ‚clinical IT forum‘ in Berlin/Germany.

Anything else? Yes!
Our treatment logistics system „hiveMED“ complements your system landscape: As the exclusive consulting partner at the Scheduling Healthcare Group we launched a world premiere in 2016. After 10 years of research and development we present a multi-resource framework that can support the tasks of planning, case management and appointment scheduling in clinics ideally – complement the existing landscape of clinical systems optimally. Our systems „hive“ integrates or cooperating with existing systems such as HIS, RIS, Exchange / Outlook and makes use of standard interface method of medicine such as HL7.




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